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Ice Cream Pints



Best for Iced Drinks


Keep your favorite iced beverage colder longer. Maximum protection against condensation.


Keep your favorite iced beverage colder longer. Maximum protection against condensation.

Best for Hot Drinks


Hot or Iced. It's twice as nice. Good absorption of moisture and protects against a wet mess.


Add handles to your favorite 24+oz tumblers Yeti 30oz Rambler, Starbucks, and many more.

Premium beverage sleeves —  designed for people on-the-go.

Mugs with handles are great – if you’re staying in one place. But where are the handles for when you’re on the go? So we invented a carry solution for coffee cups with handles. Every GO CUFF™ sleeve is engineered to make your coffee experience better.  Handles make it easier to hold and easier to grab for people on the go.


Hot or Iced beverages

Stretchy and nimble. GO CUFFs expands to hold your favorite beverage — coffee, tea, soda.

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Goodbye beverage sweat

Ice floats. Condensation happens when water vapors form touching something cold. Our elongated beverage sleeves locks in moisture at the source and keeps your desks and papers dry. It’s coffee-magic – we’ll give some credit to science.

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Less spills and drops

Ordinary neoprene sleeves add bulk and makes carrying coffee more difficult. Experience a soft neoprene handle that hugs you and your favorite brew. It’s therapeutic patent-pending bliss. Don’t be fooled by imitations.

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Your next cup awaits.

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The best coffee sleeve for iced coffee. That’s cool. Easy to store, easy to clean. You’re in the right place. Because even though no one expects durable premium 4mm neoprene cozies to look and feel this good. It does. Oh yeah, and silky award-winning caffeine tripping good. “Best Iced Coffee Koozie Sleeves of 2022” or simply “Best Reusable Coffee Sleeves…of all time,” we don’t need awards. Our customer reviews speak for themselves. 

Mugs have handles, why doesn’t your favorite to-go cup from your favorite barista? If you’re looking for a better way to hold your morning brew—whether it’s for iced or hot coffee, we’ve got the perfect gift for you. Our signature bottomless cuffs fits over 21+ beverage cup sizes from your favorite coffee shops around the world (Starbucks® , Dunkin®, Krispy Kreme®, Tim Hortons®, McDonalds®, McCafe® — just to name a few. Next time they offer a paper printed sleeve or one of those hard balancing trays, say no thanks. I’ve got a GO CUFF™. 

So go ahead. Grab one of our reusable premium beverage sleeves. All GO CUFF™ brand cuffs are beautiful inside and out. With a 360 seamless view, we let the art speak for itself. Well crafted and cross-stitch enforced so you can use and reuse over and over. (Okay, we’ve said too much, back to the point). Pick one up for yourself and one for a friend. You’ll be glad you did.