5 Simple but Significant Ways You Can Help Save the Environment

save the environment

The environment is in a state of crisis now more than ever. We’re seeing environmental issues that have the potential to destroy life on Earth as we know it. Even though the global environmental situation seems too big to handle, the good thing is that we can make simple changes to lessen its impact. Here are five simple but significant ways you can help save the environment: 

1. Bring a reusable shopping bag when going to the grocery store. 

The Earth Policy Institute estimates that there are a trillion single-use plastic bags used every year, that’s about 2 million plastic bags used around the world every day by consumers. Single-use plastics take up to a thousand years to decompose, so just imagine how much plastic a single person can accumulate in his lifetime if we continue to use single-use plastics for grocery shopping. 

2. Drive less and choose to carpool, walk, or bike instead.

Everyday vehicles in the U.S., including SUVs and pick-up trucks, produced around 1,098 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalents in 2017. To reduce carbon footprints and save the environment, carpooling, walking, biking, and other alternative transportation are highly encouraged. Instead of driving, try to carpool with your neighbor, or use a bicycle whenever you can, it’s healthier for you too. 

3. Choose to buy and use sustainable products. 

When buying products in stores, look for ones that are made from renewable resources. These products are better for the environment and your community and are also a healthier option for you. Sustainable products are also more financially sustainable, which means they help the economy thrive. 

4. Bring a reusable lunchbox and utensils for your lunch. 

45% of the landfills in the U.S. are composed of food packaging and containers. This number alarmingly grows higher every year because of lunches, snacks, and dinners on the go. One practical way you can help save the environment is by bringing your reusable lunchbox and utensils for lunch. It may feel like a small and insignificant change, but it makes a huge impact when done every day. For your drinks, use a premium beverage sleeve, it helps keep your drink cold longer. 

5. Reduce the use of disposable cups by bringing your reusable cup or tumbler. 

using Go-Cuff to save the environment

Do you still drink your coffee in a disposable plastic cup? It’s time to rethink your decisions. Small changes like using a reusable cup rather than disposables make a big impact. It is estimated that about 500 billion plastic cups are used yearly, and this number balloons daily. So, if you want to help save the environment, start by bringing your reusable cup for your coffee. 

If you love to buy coffee on the go, use Go-Cuff’s premium beverage sleeve to keep your drink hot or cold longer. This beverage sleeve with handle is very useful on iced drinks because it gets rid of the messy beverage sweat. 

Simple changes can make a big difference. By bringing a reusable shopping bag to the grocery store, using your reusable cup with Go-Cuff’s premium beverage sleeve for your coffee, or choosing to buy sustainable products, you are making a huge step towards a better world.