Before anything else, thank you for your service! Now, allow us to show our appreciation by helping you enjoy your coffee, tea, and favorite beverage better. With the Service Member Discounts, all members who served the country are entitled to a one-time discount code on their next purchase of any Go Cuff beverage sleeve.

Keeping your coffee hot or your refreshments cold for longer is the least we can do to show you how much we value the service you offered to your local community and country. Exclusive items are listed on our site especially for service members like you, and you can pick your favorite based on design and size preferences. You can enjoy as much as 25% off the regular price on selected items. 

To get started with your special discount, simply fill out the form above. Primary members must complete the form, not on behalf of another person.

Submit the form today and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

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