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Our Story

Creating better carrying experiences for everyday products.

Where it all started

We started GO-CUFF with a simple idea: to make it easier to carry hot coffee.

That’s what inspired our first GO-CUFF: to have a sleeve that was light and adaptable to most cup sizes. You know, the kind of holder that would actually let us take our hot to-go cups on the go (wild idea, right?).

Then we got an even wilder idea.

As our early customers quickly found out, GO-CUFF was more than just reusable coffee sleeves! It was ideal for icy, cold beverages, too. That neat sleeve meant no more sweating beverages, wet desks, or damp palms.

Whether you’re a fan of hot drinks or cold ones, the good old-fashioned science of the neoprene sleeve has you covered.

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with you in mind

We got you covered

How this hug-for-your-hand reusable coffee sleeves are becoming even better

As coffee lovers, it was enough for us to hear that we were helping other coffee lovers bring their favorite coffees with them wherever they went.

Still, we had no idea the real impact GOCUFF was having. All we knew was that these durable, ergonomic patenting pending handles took the pressure out of gripping a cup.

What we came to realize is how many of us take for granted the ease of holding a mug.

Then we started receiving messages like, “I absolutely love my Go Cuff! I have cerebral palsy, and it makes it so much easier to get, well, a better “handle” on my coffee,” and, “My husband has ALS and he can not drink anything unless he uses the go cuff. It has literally been a lifesaver.”

… and we were moved to action. We’ve since started developing for those coffee lovers among us who aren’t as fortunate to be able to pick up a coffee whenever they want.

For those of us who have conditions like arthritis, a degenerative illness like ALS, a spinal cord injury, or who simply have trouble holding items, we want to make sure nothing gets between you and your favorite drink.

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Where GO-CUFF Is Going

At our roots, we’re still the same old group of hot coffee and iced cold brew lovers. We just want to make the best reusable coffee sleeves with handle so that we can always bring our drinks with us.

Now, we see how important our mission truly is.

Grabbing your coffee and tea shouldn’t be a luxury – it should be available to everyone.

Now, in addition to being driven to create the best, most comfortable hot and cold beverage sleeves, we want to make sure everyone can enjoy their favorite drinks on the go.

That’s where GO-CUFF is going, and we’re glad you’ve grabbed us to go with you.

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