Cold Hands.

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Ice Cream Pint

Ice Cream Pint Cuff


Protect your hand from the freezing temp of ice cream pints! Put some distance to slow the melt.

Stops Cold hands. Slows "the melt" so that you can netflix longer..

Oh ice cream, is there anything you can’t fix? Feeling down? Ice cream! Celebrating? Ice cream! Binge-watching your favorite TV show? We’ll scream for ice cream all day! If only you can take ice cream anywhere with you without melting, right? With these ice cream pint sleeves with handle, you definitely can!

It’s so easy: buy yourself your favorite pint of ice cream, slip the Go Cuff ice cream pint sleeve over it, and walk around like a boss! These ice cream pint sleeves with handle are made of a high-quality stretchable neoprene fabric that fit most ice cream pints perfectly. Neoprene is also very absorbent and quick-drying, ensuring that your pint of ice cream doesn't leave a pool of sweat underneath it. It locks in the cold and moisture from the pint, so you'll never have to worry about sweats and spills again. And if that’s not enough, it even has a soft-grip handle on the side! You can conveniently carry your ice cream with one hand while scooping it into your mouth with the other!

The Go Cuff ice cream pint sleeves with handle are an ice cream aficionado’s dream come true! Choose from our collection now and place an order from our website. Oh, and don’t forget to keep an eye out for exclusive deals we left just for you!