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3 Reasons to Use Reusable Cup Sleeves for Your Coffee Drinks

use Go-Cuff's reusable cup sleeves for your coffee

Just as you use reusable water bottles and grocery bags, you can also use a reusable cup sleeves to help reduce waste. A reusable coffee sleeve is one of the best ways to avoid excess waste while saving money. They have gained popularity in recent years because people have become more proactive in helping reduce the use of single-use food packaging.  

The Importance of Going Green on Your Coffee Cup

For once, disposable paper cups were all the rage. We celebrated the convenience, the ease of producing thousands at a small cost, and the ability for a coffee shop to cater to hundreds of daily orders without breaking a sweat. This started a lifestyle revolution and opened a new genre of instant gratification. Suddenly, paying […]

Benefits of using your Go Cuff!


GoCuff is the all-new reusable beverage sleeve that has been specifically designed to help you to enjoy your hot coffee or cold drink while on the go. The reusable sleeve is fully eco-friendly and comes in a one-size-fits-all solution, ensuring it can fit any size cup, from Dunkin’ Donuts to Starbucks, the GoCuff will fit everything from a small to a Venti!