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♻️ REUSABLE & ECO-FRIENDLY: Made from quality material with strong stitching

♨️THERMAL INSULATED: Ultra High Density Neoprene keeps beverage hot/cold without burning your hands

🙌🏻REDUCE SPILLS & DROPS: Easy grip handle makes commuting a breeze. Reduces fatigue from walking with a coffee cup


Get the permanent solution for coffee holding troubles!

Forget hot hands, cold hands, spillage, or sweating. We all understand how tiresome and difficult it is to hold the cup perfectly while doing other work. That is why our Go Cuff reusable coffee cup sleeve (patent pending)  is the best solution. Not only, it provides excellent grip but also holds the temperature.

  • Perfect for most sized Dunkin’, Starbucks & McCafe Cups (see sizing below)
  • UltraN 4MM coated neoprene
  • Machine washable/ air dry
  • Stylish colors & designs



  • Starbucks TALLE (HOT) 
  • Starbucks GRANDé (HOT)
  • Starbucks VENTI (HOT)
  • Starbucks GRANDé (ICED)
  • Starbucks VENTI (ICED)
  • Dunkin’ Medium (Latte)
  • Dunkin’ Large (Latte)
  • Dunkin’ Small (ICED/HOT)
  • Dunkin’ Medium (ICED/HOT)
  • McDonalds McCafé Medium (Coffee/ Latte)
  • McDonalds McCafé Large (Coffee/ Latte)
  • Burger King Medium (Coffee/ Latte)
  • Burger King Large (Coffee/ Latte)
  • And many more 16oz through 22 oz cups


Some incredible features of this valuable product:


Reusable and eco friendly

Unlike the paper holders, this gives you the best experience. You can use it again and again, which makes it environmentally friendly.


Thermal insulated

This fantastic benefit is its outstanding feature. It keeps the coffee warm till longer periods and lets you hold it comfortably. 


Fewer spills and drops

No more worrying about dropping your cup or spilling coffee. Its impressive design and structure let you carry it easily. 


Effective handle structure

It comes with a rock-solid handle that is faultlessly attached to the coffee sleeve. Criss-cross stitching provides a more substantial grip.


Luxurious fabric

Neoprene fabric is so soft that it gives you the absolute pleasure to hold it nicely. 


Multiple designs

Coffee sleeves are designed in popular styles. You can choose according to your mood, depending on marbled aesthetics, trendy colors, and various quotes. 


Compatible with various cup sizes

Never worry about the size. It is a flawless fit for many Starbucks and McDonald’s beverages. This standard size is suitable for any other cups as well.


Affordable prices

Discounted rates make it easy for you to buy. Plus, it is reusable, which saves a lot of money.


An exceptional gift

It’s sleek, pristine, and elegant looks make it a perfect gift for your loved ones. Get the design according to their taste or simply elevate the home-coffee basket.



Simply hold the beverage and put it nicely into the cup holder sleeve. Adjust the fitting by lowering the container till it hugs it perfectly. Now hold the cup from the handle and get ready to enjoy the active lifestyle.

Cleaning: If dirty, you can easily wash the coffee sleeve with regular water and soap. Air dry, and it (viola) it’s as good as new.

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Weight 1.2 oz
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 3 cm

White Marble, Rose Gold Marble, Rise & Grind, All You Need, Coffee. Smile. Laugh, Aint No Hood, Tired as a Mother