Your art promoted on a cup sleeve. Every year, we partner with select local artists around the country in bringing their art to boutiques, retail and online shops. Our program is a commission partnership on every sale of cup sleeve at no cost to artists.

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commission on every sale


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit my artwork to be considered?

Complete the application above. If your artowork is ready for use, you may do so using the upload link. If it is not ready, you may send it to .

What type of artwork can I submit?

Feel free to submit anything that you think would be a hit. Please ensure that the art that is submitted is yours and in digitally usable and not a scanned copy

Can I submit more than one artwork?

Yes, you are able to submit more than one. However, for each category (i.e. seasonal halloween) we may choose a maximum of 2 prints per artist per theme for the year

What is the commission on sales?

Commission is a flat 5% of every sale on website or if it is a bulk wholesale order, the commission price is based on the wholesale price to a store

How do I get paid for my work?

Payments occur quarterly. We disburse payment to the paypal or venmo id on record. Please ensure this is filled out correctly.