Healthy but Refreshing Workout Drinks: Nutritious Beverages You Can Bring to the Gym

nutritious workout drinks for the gym

Healthy workout drinks don’t have to taste bland. There are so many workout drink recipes that you can try that are healthy, refreshing, and delicious. Workout drinks should be nutritious; they should quench your thirst and refuel you after working your muscles in the gym. This article explores most gym-goers’ favorite nutritious beverages so you’ll never have to drink tasteless and boring workout beverages again. 

Nutritious workout drinks help you stay hydrated and refuel your body after exercise so you can recover faster. They help build muscle, aid you in losing weight and help your muscles feel less sore after intense exercise. 

Popular Nutritious Workout Drinks You Can Try 

If you are exploring various workout drinks that you can bring to the gym, here is a list that we’ve prepared for you.

1. Energy Drinks

One of the most popular workout beverages is the energy drink because it gives you an instant energy boost. Energy drinks are the favorite of gym-goers especially those who go for extreme workouts and sports training. They contain less than half the amount of caffeine as soda, so you can drink them at any time of the day.

Aside from its energy-boosting effect, energy drinks also contain essential nutrients such as B vitamins, guarana, ginseng, L-carnitine, sugars,  and antioxidants. 

2. Homemade Smoothies

Other gym-goers have a healthier taste for a workout beverage. Fresh homemade smoothies are the choice of those who want to intake natural vitamins and nutrients after their workout.

When preparing your own smoothies, you can use frozen or fresh fruits and blended with power foods like nuts, honey, yogurt, and oats.

3. Protein Shakes

If your goal is to build muscle and tone your body, a protein shake is the best workout drink for you. Protein shakes have the right combination of ingredients that help build muscle while aiding them in their post-workout recovery. A single scoop of protein shake contains about 25 grams of protein, it’s more than half of your daily protein requirement. 

Why Using a Reusable Tumbler in the Gym is Better

Workout drinks are best brought to the gym in your gym tumblers. Bringing your gym tumbler helps you save from buying bottled water since you can just refill your tumbler with fresh water from the dispenser or tap. Most gym tumblers are made of polished metal so they can be slippery, especially if you have sweaty hands. That’s why you should wrap them with Go-Cuff’s premium beverage sleeve. 

It’s always a good idea to bring a gym tumbler, so you don’t have to drink water from plastic bottles. Bottled water has been found to contain potentially harmful ingredients like BPA and microplastics. So, only drink water that’s clean and safe for your body. 

Introducing Go-Cuff’s Premium Beverage Sleeve 

workout drinks with Go-Cuff's beverage sleeves

With Go-Cuff’s premium beverage sleeve, you get a better grip on your gym tumblers and water bottles and you’re less likely to spill your drink because you get a secure grip on your drinkware. The best part is that this premium beverage sleeve provides optimal insulation to your drinks keeping them hot or cold longer. Whether you’re having a protein shake or a healthy smoothie as your workout beverage, keep this premium beverage sleeve on your gym tumbler for the best drinking experience. 

Making your workout drink gives you the freedom to create a concoction that suits your body’s nutritional needs and post-workout requirements. There are so many nutritious beverage recipes online that you can take ideas and inspiration from. What’s important is that you are consistently motivated to prepare your workout drink so you are energized and refreshed after your workout. And while you’re on it, make sure to use a reusable bottle with Go-Cuff’s premium beverage sleeve to ensure that you never spill the drink you passionately made.